Prism table by September, Novak is different from any angle


Prism table was provoked created by Maurie Novak for MN-estilo - one emerging architecture and design practice is located in Melbourne, Australia - part believed, that requires a visual imagination and apply it to another. While light break glass Prism creates, creates this coffee table with stainless steel and glass, colorful refraction occur rarely, if at all. Then, how is the table function? With the addition of a third material that mimics the concept of light rays, i.e. as.
Although no substance that can be held and touched "radiate beams" verse directly here without a doubt. An artistic interpretation of what is replaced, I love what seems to be and the Prism table is no exception. September as the limits of the normal - defies reality and produce the sensation of the viewer twice. It succeeded, if they wouldn't know where to learn more about how something is working.
Prism table tells a story. Look at what angle is a new blend of colors like a prism of light work ellipses. It is fascinating in its simplicity. The resulting color of a single stainless steel lines and transform how the scope of your trip.

Weaving and twisting created a geometric composition, then far, far more liquid is static. Compress the mixture of colours of the aircraft generate a sense of continuous movement - no table with vases and memories, but I prefer a single function of enjoy its elegant, minimalist establishment to cover clutter-free.

The Prism table is offered at the time of purchase and Oh Yes is the third material that creates the effect Prism - drum wheel please - colored hair clips. The genius of the concept is as large as the end result. Table of Prism design MN
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